Kazi Mesbah Ur Rahman, a Social Business enthusiast and student from Bangladesh had formed a team with Faisal Bin Abul Kasem, Bhaskar Sarkar, & Shamsun Nahar who are from technological background. They took part in the Social Business Creation Competition 2016 with an innovative social business idea called “PediCare” that aims at addressing malnutrition problem among children. Through their continuous work and innovation, they became the Runners Up in the World Final and received prizes worth $19000 along with seed funding. Moreover, they were the first one to win both "Impactful Social Business Idea Award" and "Social Business Concept Award". They also received three credits from HEC Montreal, Canada for the course on Social Business. The team has become the role model in the world. Many National & International media celebrated their success. The then Canadian High Commissioner to Bangladesh came to Daffodil International University to hand over their prizes. Currently, they are working to inspire more young people to pursue social business through various national and international programs.

Now it’s your time to make history. Are you ready?

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